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Stencyl is a software tool developed to help users who lack programming knowledge to develop their own mobile or desktop games and publish them on the web. The way the program was built allows anyone who has gaming creativity to develop games even though they aren't familiar with coding.

The program comes wrapped in a standard interface, with an attractive look, that has well-crafted menus, but it lacks some theme variety.

In order to help users achieve their tasks, Stencyl has the drag-and-drop function that is used for creating the gameplay design and which resembles Scratch's block-snapping interface.

The more experienced users can even write codes, import libraries, and write their own custom classes that interact with block-based behaviors.

This utility allows users to create characters and edit their behavior, appearance, or physical properties. Moreover, you can integrate graphics editors like Photoshop, and use selection tools, grid-snapping or flood fill to create complex worlds.

Once you've finished your project, you monetize your game by publishing to App store, Google Play, or you can seek for sponsorship, or you can simply embed ads for additional income.

All in all, Stencyl is a great tool for developing games without coding. Yet, it's not perfect. It could've had more templates and tutorials, and the price could've been lower.

John Saunders
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  • Allows creation of characters
  • Supports custom classes
  • Lets users import libraries


  • Has few templates and tutorials
  • Has an expensive price
  • Lacks theme variety
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